LUME is a global new media company and talent management group.  

Our Company

LUME is a premium network for online social influencers focused on one thing – talent. Our model involves keeping our roster small and concentrated with raw talent and potential.  We value talent over any stats, because we believe that talent is the most important aspect of one’s career in online content production.  Although we have a name that is fresh and new to the industry, we are not amateurs. We are an experienced and devoted team of industry veterans carrying a combined twenty years of industry experience.  And above all else, we too are millennials, part of a new generation where social media rules.  We are a team that takes risks, manages our talent and grabs the rewards.  Our value of talent over numbers is what sets us apart. We are not trying to build the biggest, most massive talent agency or MCN – just the best one. 

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We develop newly sprouted online talent and work with top level social media influencers.  Here are some of the services we provide to our talent: 

Career Management

Management/consulting to guide and advise you in your career as an influencer.

Strategy & Execution

Develop and execute a long term strategy that leads you towards your goals.

Sign-on Package

A personalized sign-on package with everything you need to get started and a few bonus gifts!

Video Optimization

Experts to help you optimize your YouTube content to maximize viewership and revenue.

Travel Management

We’ll manage your travel arrangements including flight/hotel bookings to events, conventions, etc

SOTA Technology

State of the Art tech at your full disposal to help you manage your social presence, finances, and analytics.


We only sign on talent that we are proud to call ours and proud to promote across all of our platforms.

Product/Brand Deals

Sponsorships and ad deals so that you can monetize your social influence and promote brands you love.

Personalized Support

Our roster is small and concentrated with talent. This allows us to provide personalized support to all of our talent.

*Some of the above benefits are contingent on milestone achievements or other prerequisites determined by LUME and agreed upon by the client. Every agreement is negotiated individually and personalized to best fit each client’s particular needs and preferences.


Exclusively for the talent we manage


Professional-grade Audio/Video Equipment

We provide complimentary, high-end video and audio equipment for your use.  It’s always set up for you before you arrive and ready to use  the moment you walk in.  However, client are always welcome to use their own equipment!

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Conveniently located in the heart of the Southeast – Atlanta, GA. Our studio is 30 mins from the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, and located in a safe and friendly neighborhood. 


Professional-grade Audio/Video Equipment

In-house editing bay loaded with a powerful custom-built PC and a dual-monitor set up, so you can make sure you got the footage you need, or go ahead and edit your footage at the studio.  We’ve always got the latest Adobe video editing products installed and ready to fire up.

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We offer a fully stocked kitchen with healthy (and unhealthy) snack options and a selection of beverages including sodas, juices and beer.  All complimentary.


Contact us about joining:

Thanks for sending in your application to LUME. Please remember that we have a limited capacity due to our quality standards. We would love to have everyone join our network, but we tend to focus on the channels that are already with us, instead of mass recruiting new ones. If you don't hear back within a few days, feel free to submit a new application. Good luck!